Christine Ay Tjoe: Spinning in the Desert

Spinning in the Desert is an exhibition of works by the Indonesia artist Christine Ay Tjoe, which was produced during the past year, this series of new large-scale paintings is a response to the changes imposed on our lives during the pandemic, and potentially provides an internal reflection.

The artist’s work practice is intuitive, gestural, and expressive, and requires a high degree of concentration. During this period, the artist almost enters a trance state. The abstract composition is constructed with expressive markers, usually concentrated on the energy spot and dense colors in the center of the canvas.

These paintings focus on the idea of “in-growing” or growing from within, forming part of the artist's series of works beginning in 2020, and are premised on reorganizing human needs from an internal perspective. Each is named after the biological term "Cryptobiosis", which refers to the fact that when all measurable metabolic processes stop, the organism enters an extremely inactive state in response to adverse environmental conditions.
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