Callum Eaton: Look but Don’t Touch

Look but Don’t Touch is a solo exhibition by the London-based contemporary artist Callum Eaton, which showcases an extensive selection of often overlooked street furniture and urban architecture from the artist's hometown. Imbued with a keen sense of conceptual art developed at Goldsmiths, and a satirical critique of the increasing commercialization of contemporary culture in 21st-century society, his art lives in a world reduced to two dimensions. The everyday objects—coin slots, keypads, and buttons eagerly waiting to be used—look more like off-the-shelf which retain their form but lose their function.

The pursuit of photorealistic pictorial perfection began when a drunken attendee at an early open studio session attempted a two-dimensional depiction of a traditional cash machine. The frustrated groping of the artist's incapacitated patron is reminiscent of the famous Greek story of hallucinatory artwork, the contest of artistic skill between Zeuxis and Parrhasius. The latter was outraged that the former was able to create a still life so accurate that birds would fly down in an effort to pick the grapes depicted, and so decided to develop his own deceptive depiction. Once completed, Parrhasius invited his unsuspecting opponent to view his latest masterpiece, which was safely stored behind the curtains of his studio. When Zeuxis reached out to uncover the artwork, the unsuspecting Zeuxis encountered only a solid surface and succumbed to the advanced drawing

Callum Eaton - << Look but Don’t Touch >>
Date: 18 Aug – 9 Sep 2023
Gallery: Carl Kostyal
Address: 12a Savile Row, W1S 3PQ, London

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