Aya Takano: Beginning, Liminal, Ego

Beginning, Liminal, Ego is a solo exhibition by the Japanese artist Aya Takano, which showcases 10 paintings and 24 sketches of the artist, creating a unique carol for Hong Kong, capturing the landscape, culture and quirks of Hong Kong, and showing the artist's tribute to the city in a happy and colorful way Intimacy.

The provocative and ethereal figures representing her Superflat painting and illustration methods come to life under her canvases and pencils, with huge eyes and endless limbs. However, here, they are not planning to perform space missions or busy floating in the fantastic Tokyo/outer space scenery.

The artisrt drew inspiration from his observations and experiences of her friends in Hong Kong and told the story of three teenagers living together in this city. They run around, engage in their own games and professions, and hardly care about anyone's ideas. They stare at their world in a direct way, and stare at the audience completely and unapologetically. The character completely controls her own space, just like a creature from a parallel universe, there is no need to explain herself. However, each of them reminds us of someone we might have seen on the street: young people in a rural area busy preparing for the Chinese New Year lion dance, or again wearing their most fashionable clothes and drinking iced drinks, or someone sitting Beside the sacrifices of the Hungry Ghost Festival because they burn slowly in the metal box.

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