Amy Tang Wing-yin: The Form of Landscape

The Form of Landscape is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong local artist Amy Tang Wing-yin, which showcases more than 30 seminal works created by the artist from 2017 to the present, representing her continuous experimentation in painting techniques, and at the same time raising questions abstract visual language and narrative.

In her creations, people may only see a series of arrangements and different associations of shapes, but the visual communication of these shapes is much more than that. While they may initially just look unconventional, the shapes are gradually synthesized by the artist herself, forming a coherent yet abstract landscape full of originality. Landscape painting is a creation whose history can be traced back to the time when there were humans. It stems from the observation and appreciation of raw and non-artificial spaces, and the observer from a first-person perspective.

Through abstract painting without specific figurative external objects as the basis, this freedom without frame has always allowed the artist to freely roam in the flexibility of spiritual mood and can also explore the perception that has yet to be developed. In the creative process of translating figurative foreign objects into abstract language, placing the tension outside the objects in the landscape. The abstract figures in the picture interlaced, floated, swayed, fell, disintegrated, and pulled. These ineffable moments burst out which is a new kind of power that can interpret things other than language and institutions.

I’m so grateful for the wonderful tour you showed me at the exhibition. It was so incredibly memorable. Thank you so much.

Amy Tang Wing-yin - <<The Form of Landscape>>
Date: 19 Oct – 24 Oct 2022
Venue: Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

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