Alex Schweder: The Third Thing

The Third Thing is a solo exhibition by the New York artist Alex Schweder, which pours sensuality and sound into January’s dreary middle.

The artist describes the experience of the inflatable installation as an effervescent cocktail of mirrors, fur, and milk, suggesting that his work was unavailable in high society. Swelling and sagging, inspired by the fullness and emptiness of air, Schweder's installation pursue his recent discovery that the inflatable buildings he's built over a decade can be re-approached as sounding instruments. Schweder expanded this possibility to a wider range, commissioning an eclectic group of sound artists to form an unlikely ensemble.

The exhibition is that after two stunning online exhibitions on the NewViewings platform, digital renderings have inspired these analog implementations in physical gallery spaces. The exhibition explores the gallery's continued interest in merging digital and analog realms of artistic expression.

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