Yin Xiu-zhen: Everywhere

Everywhere is a solo exhibition dedicated to Yin Xiu-zhen that is a key figure in Chinese installation and performance art since the 1990s, which focuses on her ongoing exploration of materiality. Of the 40 sculptures and installations on display between 2008 and 2022, her new series, "The Surging Waves Chronicles" will be the first work ever to be exhibited publicly.

Known for her deeply resonant installations that incorporate everyday objects and materials, from old clothing and fabrics to China and cement to fruit and plants. These richly layered lyrical compositions—serving as repositories of cultural memory—capture the undercurrents of disorientation and unease in modern society. Transforming seemingly static materials into living, living entities is at the heart of her practice.

In recent years, she has made porcelain a central material in her work – a material that undergoes extraordinary and rapid changes during firing compared to other materials that evolve slowly over time. At high temperatures, the otherwise soft, unremarkable clay becomes crystalline, cooling and solidifying into lustrous amulets.

Yin Xiu-zhen - <<Everywhere>>
Date: 25 Nov 2022 – 9 Mar 2023
Gallery: Pace Gallery
Address: 12/F, H Queen's, 80 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

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