Xin Ji: Moonlight and Butterfly

Moonlight and Butterfly is a solo exhibition by the Mainland Chinese artist Xin Ji, which depicted in grace, eternity, and undulating states, his large portraits of women range between a Baudelairean temper and a more Eastern meditative sensibility, and his paintings are unlike any other artist of his generation.

The typography here is impressive, although the artist sometimes produces larger canvases, confronting the viewer with almost life-size models, with misshapen limbs like Ingres, some like la Modigliani enlarge the eyes. His graceful models appear in equally elegant Art Deco interiors; they are feminine in nature, confronting their emotions with real or imagined reflections. The pared-down colors are paired with each other on a solid surface in pastel or ochre.

These works may feature a peaceful, serene mystical form, but do not deliberately seek reference to art-historical modernism, as first glance would suggest. Not to mention direct references - painters always admired those who enriched their work - they were, for him, essentially works of the Italian Renaissance.

Xin Ji - <<Moonlight and Butterfly>>
Date: 1 Jan – 4 Feb 2023
Gallery: Almine Rech, Turenne, Paris, France
Address: 64 rue de Turenne, 75003

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