Wong Ka-Ying: Plastic Love

Plastic Love is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong local artist Wong Ka-Ying, which showcases her unique and interesting artistic practice. The exhibition title emphasizes the artificiality of her iconic plastic works, tangible manifestations of society’s fascination with commodities and kitsch.

Transform the glass facade into an intimate and narrative arcade. The pink film on the glass doors and windows outlines a transparent heart shape, which is like peeking into Wang's inner world and fantasies. To passers-by, the heart also frames Wong’s modified claw machine, Love for Luck (2024), located in the center of the gallery. Surrounding the machine are photoshopped kitten posters, dazzling glitter, faux gems and trinkets, a plethora of materials and images that evoke a girly yet hoarder-like vibe.

One's whims can either swell to no end with instant gratification or plummet into the abyss under the gaze of viewers. This emotional wave is also contagious: amplified by an overstimulating gallery space that emphasizes material temptations, visitors simultaneously connect with and perform for others by playing games and showing off their rewards. Her materials, including the dazzling gems and plastic trinkets on the surface of the canvas, materialize this connection. In the artwork, furry miniature cats and dogs are transformed by a mixture of resin and glitter into objects of sadness and empty immediate desire rather than living, breathing creatures.

Wong Ka-Ying - << Plastic Love >>
Date: 21 Mar – 5 May 2024
Gallery: Squares Street Gallery
Address: 21 Square Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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