Wataru Shinji and Lily Zhang: Sand

Sand is a solo exhibition by 2 architects Wataru Shinji and Lily Zhang, which is from the architect's ever-changing sand formations to explore the interrelationship of matter, space design, and human behavior. Starting from a grain of sand in nature, it tells about a "perverted" relationship that is closely related to us but unknown to us - how the ever-changing space affects people's behavior unknowingly, and how we change the environment. Every week, the architects reinvent the wheel, creating an ambiguous space that cannot be self-sufficient.

From individual tiny particles to vast planetary environments, the exhibition celebrates the nature of this humble but extraordinary substance that encapsulates the Earth we inhabit and reshapes our impact on the ground through the limitless potential of design, exploring the unique substance of sand significance. Stepping from a city street, visitors entering the gallery encounter a completely different world: the entire interior space has been transformed into a newly designed environment reminiscent of nature itself, filled with tons of sand. Reactive, fluid, constantly changing, the sand takes on many different shapes and evolves every week, creating a variety of spaces and landforms to explore, as if formed and eroded in the transformative process of nature to change our positive A way of perceiving and interacting with this modest material. The exhibition is also constantly morphing, from the footprints of one person or the breeze while strolling, to the free participation of the visitor in the shaping of this new sand environment.

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