Tony Bevan: Epistrophes and Heads

Epistrophes and Heads is a solo exhibition of recent paintings by the British artist Tony Bevan, which showcases his latest series exploring rhythmic, abstract, and limitless possibilities, inspired by a peculiar tree he encountered near his home over many winters. Tree.

The works will be shown alongside the artist's iconic Heads paintings, and as the series progresses he similarly takes a looser, more abstract approach, with repetitive forms and complex structures providing the viewer with a sense of meditation and countless associations. , alluding to the human form and its complex internal, external, and psychological systems.

Its aesthetic is known for its exclusive use of charcoal and in-house acrylic paints in a typically restrained palette of black, ocher and red. Pure acrylic paint and charcoal are vigorously applied directly to the original canvas or paper on the studio floor, retaining fragments and dust of charcoal and powdered paint on the surface of the work, resulting in dynamic tactility and insight. his working methods. Imbuing all his subjects - whether heads, architectural structures, trees, or stones - with a life and intensity that transcends their original representation.

Tony Bevan - << Epistrophes >>
Date: 16 Sep – 28 Oct 2023
Gallery: Ben Brown Fine Arts
Address: 201 The Factory, 1 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

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