The Garden of Fragility

The Garden of Fragility is a group exhibition of a series of new works by 3 female artists from Central and Eastern Europe Zsófia Antalka, Maria Kulikovska and Kateřina Ondrušková, which focuses on the biology of the female body and identity, as well as natural processes such as growth, flowering and maturation. The work of these 3 artists is characterized by an emphasis on the softness behind the structure, the hidden references revealed by the subject matter, and the integration of form and reference.

Using drawings of human skeletal tissue as a starting point, Antalka's suspended installations are made of glass beads and reproduce the complex patterns of skeletal material, exploring and representing the biological processes associated with the female body.
Kulikovska’s own body is a central element in her work, and she repeatedly reproduces it in the form of sculptural replicas made of various natural and artificial materials. Her preferred materials are natural and man-made substances that are very different from those typically used in sculpture, including salt, milk, sugar, plaster, epoxy resin, and even ballistic soap, a material used in weapons testing.

Ondrušková's paintings are almost always associated with nature, which appears as a unique theme that connects the various painting cycles, whether as a primary or secondary theme. She draws inspiration from cultivated nature and landscaped gardens, and the imagery of her extraordinary personal work is often combined with melancholic fragments of memory.

The Garden of Fragility
Date: 1 – 29 Jun 2024
Gallery: Double Q Gallery
Address: 68 Lok Ku Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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