Teppei Takeda's Recent Works

Teppei Takeda's Recent Works is a solo exhibition showcasing his 8 paintings from Art Basel Hong Kong 2022, as well as a newly painted portrait painting.

The artist's creative process starts with making dozens of paintings and then selecting one of them to use as a sketch. He scans selected drawings and digitally enhances their textures. As he works on scanning to maximize texture in digital data, he carefully considers how visual experience affects human thoughts and emotions. Once done, he outputs the digital painting and uses it as the basis for the next stage, where he reproduces the texture of the painting in great detail as a real painting using the fine brushes used to paint the miniatures.

This process gave the painting a unique aura and resulted in augmented reality work. In such a meticulous manner, each piece requires at least a month of effort, sometimes as long as two months. But spending so much time alone and concentrating on a work creates such a powerful attraction that few paintings can match it.
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