Stijn Bastianen: Everybody is Late for Therapy

Everybody is Late for Therapy is a solo exhibition by the Belgian painter Stijn Bastianen, which is his first exhibition in the United Kingdom.

"The Story" is hard to understand rationally and usually comes from accidentally or unintentionally combining images and symbols together. "The World is a Theater": The sets slide past each other until the content is reluctantly revealed. The content can range from humor to satire, from satire to poetry, with a hint of social criticism. The artist loves to redraw: the richness of the drawings underscores the complexity of the "story".

How do we rhyme together? Certainly, there are also cartoon methods. Furthermore, concepts such as "transformation" and "expression" remain closely related. He is well aware of the dilemma between spontaneity and control. During this process, individual images are clearly identified and skilled. So the end result is a fascinating, explainable world that we have to experience in amazement. Because don't we seem to be wandering among contemporary "foolish praise"?

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