Stanley Shum: Aurora

Aurora is a solo exhibition featuring 8 oil paintings created this year by the Hong Kong local artist Stanley Shum @@shum.stanley, which embodies the sincere expectations of the artist and his society for the future in the current turbulent world situation, touching on the major issues of the times, such as emotional relationships, civilization reconstruction, and immigration, and thinking about how to live a resilient life in love and solidarity. Life, projecting a message of light and hope in the darkness.

"Aurora" refers to the Roman goddess of the dawn. The first light that appears when night turns into day announces the arrival of dawn to the world. Galileo named the dreamy Northern Lights after this. The past two years have special significance for the artist: the end of the epidemic and the birth of his daughter symbolized a new life, in two senses, and inspired these thoughts about "hope" and "imagination of the future." work.

In his newly developed approach to visual presentation, figurative landscapes overlap with abstract lines and patches of color. Sharp lines break light into its original spectral components, as if through a prism, with heavy use of red, blue and green. and yellow. Like neon lights, the dazzling colors contrast sharply with the deep black, setting off a struggle between light and darkness. A charred seed leads the audience into a gorgeous and vast fantasy world, sprouting from the charred ashes and growing into more than just an illusory flower.

Stanley Shum - << Aurora >>
Date: 6 Jan – 3 Feb 2024
Gallery: @galleryexit
Address: 3/F, 25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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