Sissi Kaplan: Under One Moon

Under One Moon is a site-specific and interdisciplinary exhibition by the Hong Kong visual artist Sissi Kaplan, which showcases moving images, sound, light, photographs, and text. The work was inspired by her art book - 77 Days: A Report from the Experience, which tells the story of forced isolation and personal loss during the 2020 global pandemic.

After decades of living abroad, issues of separation and absence became even more acute for the artist. She turned to reverie, invention, and performance to give meaning to these new environments. These creative acts become a way to practice resilience and represent personal experiences and emotions in the face of collective adversity. Today, these works serve as souvenirs of a specific moment in world history, as well as reflections on what it means to exist in the world and interact with others.

The 6 video works in this exhibition are encountered in darkness, across thresholds, and through portals. Each film comprises textured layers of digital film, photography, and super-8 footage from family and found archives, hinting at a different narrative chapter. They evoke the fleeting dissynchronicities of real life but are connected through moments of shared imagery and united through Vivian Wang’s music and sound works. Taken together, they reveal aspects of temporality: the ghosts of memory, the contingent past, the pain of the present, the speculative future, and the infinite universe.

Sissi Kaplan - << Under One Moon >>
Date: 16 Mar – 12 May 2024
Gallery: The Xevarion
Address: No. 2 Po Yan St, G/F, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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