Sebastian Hosu: In My Inner Place

In My Inner Place is a solo exhibition of the latest body of work by the Romanian artist Sebastian Hosu, which showcases "Horizon Landscape" (canvas divided in two) and abstract oil paintings with charcoal strokes parallel. The artist explores natural spaces, figuration, and blends figurative and landscape art.

The basic reference for his artistic creation is almost exclusively the relationship of the figure to the landscape (natural space) and is interested in the magical moment when the figure moving in the landscape almost merges with the natural space and seems to merge into the surrounding environment and attempts to express this kind of figure and endless fusion of landscapes. In his work, figures and landscapes not only merge into one but form a symbiotic relationship that cannot imagine by a single human being. It’s the Renaissance world after the fall of European ideologies.

The forceful brushstrokes of his canvases and the strong thick lines of charcoal strokes oscillate subtly between figurative realism and abstract depictions. Not only seeks to explore the role of natural space in artistic expression, but also pays attention to the historical significance of figuration in painting. His use of strongly artificial language is motivated by the objective to step beyond the representation of appearance, aiming to create living-artificial creatures.
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