Sarah Dwyer: Off Kilter

Off Kilter is a solo exhibition by the London Based Contemporary artist Sarah Dwyer, in which moves are fluid, effortless, and inimitable between various abstract and figurative languages, creating an interstitial space between the two that is both defined and indeterminate.

Her work reveals layered patterns that vibrate with energy, creating a sense of drama for herself and the viewer. When looking a lot happens at once - rare colors, areas, or surfaces dance together fluidly like amoebas and inevitably take shape at a second glance. A mixture of visceral markings, basic shapes, and gestural strokes, based on multi-dimensional ribbons of color, fused into personalities, or amorphous, contorted limbs, heads, or genitals.

In contrast to the relativity of the disparate, almost purely abstract elements of her earlier work, attention has recently been drawn to the strange appearance of bodies and bodily appendages in various states and attitudes, appearing and disappearing on the surface. This transformation speaks to the weight of lived experience accumulated over time and serves as an ode to the body as a complex emotional center. In her work, the figure becomes an expressive device, moving and twisting like a boxer, dancing and punching before the canvas.

Sarah Dwyer - << Off Kilter >>
Date: 2 Mar – 13 Apr 2023
Gallery: Fabian Lang
Address: Obere Zäune 12, CH-8001, Zürich

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