Sahara Longe: New Shapes

New Shapes is a solo exhibition by the British artist Sahara Longe, which recall ordinary social rituals, but Lange infused the scenes with unsettling, uncanny abstract forms that allude to the tensions of the contemporary city. The title, New Shapes, signals a newly geometric departure in the artist’s compositions.

In her new body of work, highly stylized abstraction overlays a documentary approach. Like the British painter L.S. Lowry, whose cartoon-like crowd scenes of industrial English workers influenced Longe, the artist takes every day for inspiration: the crowd passing through her local Brixton train station, sports, offices, or people walking in the street.

Painted in soft, murky shades of cobalt green, blue, and crisp cadmium white, her paintings take a pared-down and focused approach to social documentation. It's a snapshot of people, the artist imagines what people are doing, then create her own story about what their lives might be like. In Policeman (2023), a large diptych, ghostly silhouettes confront a London policeman in a blue suit. As in many of her works, the figures stare at each other as if unaware of the other's presence, their blank expressions, bell-shaped coats and dresses, and frieze-like arrangements conspiring to distance them from the viewer.

Sahara Longe - << New Shapes>>
Date: 2 Jun – 7 Jul 2023
Gallery: Timothy Taylor Gallery
Address: 15 Bolton Street, W1J 8BG, London
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