Robert Indiana

Robert Indiana is a solo exhibition that offers a comprehensive showcase of the artist's unique imagery and a selection of LOVE and ART sculptures.

The artist used wooden ship masts, beams, and other found remnants of the shipping trade and nearby warehouses, as well as 19th-century brass stencils, to create a free-standing sculptural assemblage that would serve as a reference for his future works and various monosyllabic words such as ART, EAT, DIE, and HUG.

The exhibition also featured a rare set of paintings from the Indiana "Ginkgo Ài" series, loaned from the Hope Star Foundation in 2006, which contains double/or mirror images of his first explored in 1957 Ginkgo biloba image. Ginkgo, an ancient and revered native Chinese tree species, provided the artist with a visual vocabulary reflecting his New York City environment and his deep fascination with the Orient, with the double ginkgo imagery symbolizing personal self-reflection and transmutation.

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