Peter Halley: New Paintings

The New Paintings of the distinguished New York Neo-Geo artist Peter Halley, which demonstrates the artist's enduring exploration of the interplay between geometric abstraction and a unique synthetic palette. His artistic philosophy sees abstract art as a historical process within society, whose narratives are intricately intertwined through the organization of space and the formal systems that constitute the abstract world.

The works continue to exist in a realm of contradictions, deftly balancing rationalist geometry with whimsical and irreverent explorations of color and texture. Rendered through carefully drawn grid-like compositions, these canvases evoke a sense of lost dimensionality, where the boundaries between physical and virtual realms become blurred. This resonance with Paul Virilio's postmodern urban theory, in which space and time are compressed to form complex networks, formed the basis for his linguistic exploration of abstract art.

In the context of technologically connected urban spaces, the juxtaposition of synthetic colors and rigid structures in the paintings reflects the flattened reality of our technologically mediated existence. The work is emblematic of a new geometric conceptualism that plays with visual-spatial relationships that are both disorienting and captivating. The practice transcends visual aesthetics and becomes a profound reflection on the contemporary urban condition, revealing the complexity of our technology-influenced existence.

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Date: 8 Dec 2023 – 20 Jan 2024
Gallery: Almine Rech
Address: 2/F, 27 Huqiu Road, Shanghai, Mainland China, 200002

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