Peter Alexander

The solo exhibition of vibrant sculptures by the pioneering Light and Space artist Peter Alexander showcases a collection of works produced during the last ten years of his life. This was a highly creative period in his career, and the final years brought new experiments with color and form including his needle-shaped sculptures.

It was something of an epiphany in the early 1960s when the artist decided to use resin as an artistic material. He poured the material into Dixie cups to seal his surfboards but found that over time the resin hardened into translucent circles. This recognition heralded the birth of his iconic polyester resin sculptures, which would establish him as a key figure in the Los Angeles art scene and a pioneer of the California Light and Space Movement.

The artist finds inspiration for his art through a variety of sources, including the colors, forms, and geometries that make up the landscape of his native Southern California from glorious sunsets and crashing ocean waves to majestic mountains and deep valleys. The relationship between color and light, and the phenomenological and perceptual nuances of this relationship, are at the heart of any experience of his largely translucent, meditative sculptures. The artist believes in the power of everything small or quiet and often speaks of the intimacy of his sculptures, which he hopes each viewer can engage with on a personal level. 

Peter Alexander 
Date: 2 Feb – 14 Mar 2024
Gallery: Pace Gallery
Address: 12/F, H Queen's, 80 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

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