New Gaze

New Gaze is a group exhibition featuring the works of Celia Ko, Lau Siu-chung, Ticko Liu, and Glary Wu.

Through this series of works, Ko explores her various constructions of reality through still life paintings, strongly observing it as a seemingly naturalistic world. Deviating from her usual figurative subjects and portraiture, she turned to still life objects, paradoxically called la nature-morte (dead nature) in French, as an expression of her strong interest in the Dutch Golden Age still life genre.

Obsessed with capturing fleeting moments in daily life, Lau's works leave the city where he lives and lead the viewer through various urban landscapes and street impressions. The city and nature seem to be integrated, but the artist feels that they are always separated. a line.

Liu’s surreal paintings are collages of his countless thoughts, inspirations, images and observations. A man of many interests, the artist recalls a childhood steeped in wild and boundless imagination, expressed through the act of painting in oppressive surroundings.

In Wu's paintings, scenes and characters in daily life are presented on the canvas like scenes in a stage play. Focusing on trivial events and interactions between people, Wu's paintings are full of imagination and narrative, paying special attention to the interaction between various elements and characters on the screen, as well as the associations aroused from the scene.

Celia Ko, Lau Siu-chung, Ticko Liu, and Glary Wu - <<New Gaze>>
Date: 4 Feb – 11 Mar 2023
Gallery: Gallery Exit
Address: 3/F, 25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
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