Neo Rauch: Field Signs

Field Signs is a solo exhibition of new paintings by the German artist Neo Rauch, which showcases the paintings containing a range of fictional characters, scenes, objects, and themes. His paintings are at once realistic and familiar, mysterious and inscrutable, often alluding to wider narratives and histories seeming to reconnect with the artistic tradition of realism yet they are dreamlike, often encompassing disparate and overlapping spaces and form.

Some parts of the canvas might be futuristic, with space-age infrastructure, while other places might have Tiepolo skies and people from the Napoleonic Wars or some primitive Europe. Although his art is highly refined and possesses considerable technical skill, the artist emphasizes the intuitive and deeply personal nature of his way of working. The creative process is not so much a reflection, but one that takes place in an almost trance-like state, drawing inspiration from the sediments of the past.

The exhibition's eponymous work, Feldzeichen (2023), which translates as "Field Signs," is a large-scale painting depicting titular objects - specifically examples from ancient Rome that were traditionally used to organize military units and the division of plots and territories was symbolized by peasants or soldiers. In his work, however, the narrative is more ambiguous: figures of different sizes and clothing present a confusing structure in interior scenes.

Neo Rauch - << Field Signs >>
Date: 16 Nov 2023 – 24 Feb 2024
Gallery: David Zwirner
Address: 5–6/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

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