Nelio Sonego: Orizzonteverticale

Orizzontaleverticale is a solo exhibition of works by the Swiss Postwar and Contemporary painter Nelio Sonego, which showcases the origins that date back to the early days of his career in the 1980s when pastel works of rectangular modules multiplied in a cumulative process appeared. The open rectangle appears for the first time already showcases the intertwining lines that he returned to in 2003, following 2 decades of work refining the art form to its most elemental essence.

The exhibition begins with “Rettangolareverticale” (2003), with the repetition of lines, the traces thickening, and the insistence on rectangular shapes seeming to replicate the borders of the canvas, taking them to their limits. In the work from 2005, the image space itself is challenged, which can be seen in the first room upstairs. Here, repetition leads to a gradual deconstruction of the rectangle, with the tones becoming brighter. It ends with a burst of color, a distinguishing feature of the latest works in the series.

The artist’s hand traces not reflexive forms within the space of the canvas, but more material and spiritual forms above and beyond the space. The painting appears to spill over the edge of the support, into the space, and into that of the viewer. Additional works demonstrate a further exploration of the space of painting, which now includes both physical space (canvas, also exhibition space) and spiritual space (space of observation).

Nelio Sonego - << Orizzontaleverticale >>
Date: 19 Sep – 16 Nov 2023
Gallery: A Arte Invernizzi
Address: Via Domenico Scarlatti, 12, 20124 Milano MI, Italy
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