Myanmar: Faces and Figures

Myanmar: Faces and Figures is a three-artist exhibition focusing on some of the most influential voices in Myanmar’s contemporary art scene. As the country continues to face complex sociopolitical challenges arising from the February 2021 military coup, artists have demonstrated extraordinary resilience and commitment to practice.

Spotlights three renowned artists who have all played a significant role in shaping the narrative of contemporary art in Myanmar into what it is today. Starting in the 1960s, Aung Myint, Htein Lin, and Min Wae Aung each pioneered highly individualistic forms of self-expression through art, establishing Myanmar’s artistic reputation on the international stage and inspiring the next generation of young talent along the way. Important local art leaders whose work is showcased by focusing on faces and figures that have consistent features in their art, reflecting their signature styles.

One of the most well-known themes in Myint’s creations is the image of ‘Mother and Child’. The simple figure, drawn in one stroke and referencing the swirls and arches of Burmese writing, is both the artist's reflection on the childhood trauma of losing his mother at a young age and an embrace of Burmese heritage. Lin makes local folklore the focus of her compelling "Bedtime Stories" (2017) series. Originally part of an installation involving upcycled beds, the four pieces focus on women known for their dedication and transformative power – some were even deified as “Nats”, family spirits still worshiped by local communities today. Aung's depictions of Buddhist subjects, primarily monks and novices, remained consistent over the decades. His internationally acclaimed ‘Towards Monastery’ series echoes monastic processions' soft shapes and curves, rendered in vivid reds, pinks, and yellows against plain, often gold backgrounds.

Myanmar: Faces and Figures
Date: 28 Sep – 4 Nov 2023
Gallery: Karin Weber Gallery
Address: 20 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

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