Mr. Doodle in Space

Mr. Doodle in Space is a solo exhibition by the exceptional talents of British artist Sam Cox, better known as Mr. Doodle, which invites art aficionados of all generations to experience Mr. and Mrs. Doodle on a fascinating journey through the vastness of space.

This new collection of artwork tells the story of Mr. and Mrs. Doodle as they travel through various whimsical worlds in space. In return for erasing Mr. Doodle's graffiti from the face of the earth, the Anti-Doodle Squad provides a rocket that will transport him to a new world where he can freely fill it with his artwork. Doodleland is born, but Mr. Doodle's evil twin, Dr. Doodle, tries to take this joyful kingdom for himself.

After falling in love at the Mr. Doodle in Love exhibition, Mr. Doodle and Mrs. Doodle live happily in their Doodle house with their pet dog Doodle, while gradually taking over the earth with their graffiti. Until they heard a mysterious voice coming from outside, it was Dr. Doodle, Mr. Doodle's evil twin. He flew into a vortex, which he built with his Doodle machine. It seemed to lead to another galaxy - the "Paper Galaxy" ” is the gateway to the famous DoodleLand, the hometown of Mr. Doodle. Dr. Doodle's plan appears to eliminate Mr. Doodle's "Doodle Virus" at its source and rid the universe of Doodle once and for all.

The exhibition hosted at your gallery is consistently indelible, leaving a lasting impression. Love it so much.
Sam Cox - << Mr Doodle in Space >>

Date: 17 Nov 2023 – 20 Jan 2024
Gallery: Pearl Lam Galleries
Address: 601-605, Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central

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