Movanna Chen: Words of Heartbeats

Words of Heartbeats is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong-based artist Movanna Chen, which is a representative of her practice, she carefully archived more than three decades of written correspondence from her loved ones.

She enjoys seeking new experiences, connections, and possibilities through traveling and meeting new people. This is where her artistic inspiration comes from; she created these works drawing inspiration from her own collection of more than 180 love letters. This latest body of work was inspired by personal letters the artist received between 1989 and 2023.

The artist delves into the deeply personal aspects of communication, aiming to reflect female labor, and personal and shared memory through material transformation and decontextualization. Featuring more than 180 handwritten letters sent to the artist from friends, family, and loved ones between 1989 and 2023. The letters are shredded, deconstructed, and woven into visceral sculptural forms, locking old memories in suspended moments while integrating them into new expressions of love.

Movanna Chen - << Words of Heartbeats >>
Date: 28 Feb – 11 May 2024
Gallery: Flowers Gallery
Address: 49 Tung Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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