Mark Grotjahn: Horizontals

Horizontals is an exhibition of new and recent paintings by Mark Grotjahn from the Capri series.

In his paintings, drawings, and sculptures, Grotjahn interweaves various abstract modes, adopts a wide range of themes and technical vocabulary that have evolved between series, while injecting new energy into existing paradigms. He explores colour, perspective, continuity, and sublime, drawing inspiration from the diverse history of non-figurative painting from prehistoric to Op Art. By incorporating complex and ever-changing expressions into instantly recognizable aesthetics, he continues to develop a creative gesture that is both changeable and entirely his own.

Some recent works mainly use the horizontal format, but also have extra paint rolls. Grojan used a palette knife to "harvest" them and arrange them in a loose grid on the surface of the canvas. Gradually tapering these material elements at both ends to improve their organic quality, he connected them to supports so that they are located in clusters of vertical and horizontal brushstrokes, providing visual and texture destruction to the overall composition.

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