Lu Song: Purple Skin

Purple Skin is the third exhibition of Chinese artist Lu Song, which is the artist’s interest and artistic inspiration comes from fictional places and poetic environments: from his early works depicting dark green leaves-glimpses of jungle leaves, water and flowers-to his most recent enlargement of the powerful purple flowers by the artist , Reflects the power of nature and the way to absorb and return to nature.

The artist’s drawing skills have been developed in the past few years, but his interest is mainly in the situation and its atmosphere. The mysterious figures determined by the thin outlines that lived on his early canvases have now disappeared, leaving room for the feelings and emotions that these characters once conveyed. The valleys, swamps, dense jungles or flowers did not paint their own images, but Lu Song's tools to express emotions, memories and emotions.

The exhibition aims to showcase an experienced stage in the artist's career. The paintings in the "Conversation" series that he started to create at the end of 2018 are juxtaposed with his first flower painting, and Purple Skin started at the end of 2019 until his recent canvas More Struggle and I am free. The selection of works from the past three years in the exhibition reflects the artist's desire to provide a deeper insight into his artistic practice. For Song, all the works in these different series are interconnected, there is no interruption between the two, and his poetry evolves seamlessly. Repetition of the same theme is indeed a medium that can make people have a deeper understanding of the painting experience itself: every brushstroke and every impact on the canvas makes it easier for the artist to discover the expressiveness of him and the painting.
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