Louise Giovanelli: Here on Earth

Here on Earth is a solo exhibition by the British artist Louise Giovanelli, which explores the tension between representation and matter, figuration and abstraction, pondering the meaning and history of painting as a system of representation, featuring new oil paintings that expand and reform the found imagery.

The artist's luminous and intensely worked surfaces bring to the fore concepts of drama and performance that can be traced back to source materials as wide-ranging as Greek mythology, old master paintings, and twentieth-century filmmaking. It continues the exploration of religious iconography, transubstantiation, and the relationship between devotion, ritual, and ecstasy. Used in sacred or spiritual settings to promote connection with the divine realm, a psychoactive substance is a psychoactive substance that causes altered states of consciousness, perception, or behavior.

Several paintings in the "Maenad" series employ a doubling technique, in which another still film shot a few seconds later is superimposed on the first film. In some cases, the same image is repeated on different canvases, with barely noticeable changes in image placement or cropping. These gestures reinforce the work’s relationship to the film’s moment while referencing its drive and distilling its climax. In her paintings, she often returns to the same subject or single image, each time making small adjustments in frame and color—such as a different primer, paint, or oil paint.

Louise Giovanelli - << Here on Earth >>
Date: 26 Mar – 18 May 2024
Gallery: White Cube
Address: 50 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong

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