Lily Kemp & Kim Min-young: Inner Voyage Out

Inner Voyage Out is a joint exhibition by the London-based painter Lily Kemp and the South Korean artist Kim Min-young, which invites the viewer to experience a captivating duality together where movement, landscape and familiar themes of interior spaces come together to evoke emotions and memories.

Kemp's paintings explore the concept of movement, focusing on changing landscapes, weather, and various forms of movement such as clouds, water, and fabrics. There is an underlying interest in exploring narratives that deal with gender and identity fluidity; ideas about states of change and transition, femininity, and more recently, intimacy, memory, and belonging.

Conversely, Kim's work primarily revolves around storytelling of intimate and interior spaces, such as palms, pockets, kitchens, dining tables, and the depths of the sea, evoking an unspecified feeling of home. Draw inspiration from dreams and explore obscure interiors and dwellings of the past. Combining everyday scenes with strange mythical creatures and qualities, viewers are drawn to recurring patterns, symbols, and characters, from black cats to fish, snakes, mermaids, and anthropomorphic food items.

Lily Kemp & Kim Min-young - << Inner Voyage Out >>
Date: 1 Feb – 23 Mar 2024
Gallery: Over The Influence
Address: G/F – 2/F, 52 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

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