Lea Rasovzky: Flowers Growing Out of My Chest

Flowers Growing Out of My Chest is a solo exhibition by the Romanian artist Lea Rasovszky, which showcases a series of new works through which the artist explores the dynamism of music on the mind-body relationship, attempting to define how the individual moves from solitude into an unguided trance, morphing himself into a creature influenced by rhythm and sound.

This energy is delivered through an invisible channel of sound that masks all social differences and allows individuals to connect and share the same vibration. The artist’s work celebrates the ill-timed, disgraced people who don't live up to expected standards but stand up to it simply because the freedom to be yourself in the midst of others is too good to let go.

There are several ways to describe the immediate primordial attachment we can develop to music. It moves and comforts us most beautifully and in its purest form. Flowers growing out of my chest are a kingdom that sustains itself by developing people's connections to a wholesome euphoric ecosystem, a place that prompts you to feel the moment energy seeps out of your entire body. Sooner or later, before you know it, flowers grow out of your chest, heart, and closeness, in a place that allows a common language and effortless effort, because without a word, everyone is experiencing the same feeling of unity comfortably showing who they really are or who they might be. It takes a lot of will let yourself go, that smell is an explosion of colors, nuclear blue pops out of your ears, your skin turns bright pink, luxurious green, chaotic yellow, your eyes sparkle, everything All forming what it should have been from the beginning.

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