La Brèche

La Brèche is a group show of Cuban artists: AlejandroCampins, Iván Capote, Yoan Capote, Elizabet Cerviño, Carlos Garaicoa, Osvaldo González, Luis López-Chávez, Yornel Martínez, José Manuel Mesías, Susana Pilar, José Yaque, which is following the philosophy of creating a warm, flexible, inclusive and architecturally distinctive space, the 800-square-meter space will offer new possibilities for a dialogue between the artwork and the many story traces of this ancient building.




It is precisely according to the words of one of South America's most famous thinkers, Ernesto Sábato, that the exhibition entitled "La Brèche" came into being that is a tribute to the Cuban spirit of constant innovation, deftly finding a subversive tone in the cracks of the system.

The exhibition brings together paintings, sculptures, installations and videos, mixing old and new works. In the field of painting, Combins presented his latest series of works from Tibet, from a journey to several Buddhist monasteries; Luis López-Chávez presented three paintings from the series Las contravenciones, which are a reference to the socio-economic situation in Cuba critical comment; and for "Cracks are Possibilities to Another World," Yaque exhibited his series of paintings on minerals, as well as his famous showcase, filled with endless natural elements.




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