Kwong Man-Chun: Glowing in Serenity

Glowing in Serenity is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong local artist Kwong Man-Chun, which showcases the work created over the past year, capturing the essence of the local landscape through art, delving into the human elements and intimate moments that shape people's lives.

By focusing on everyday aspects of time, such as ripples in water and the textures of stones and trees, he brings these scenes to life. Blending classic ink techniques with elements of contemporary expression, his paintings exude calm and invite appreciation of intricate interior details such as carefully painted floor tiles, wooden furniture, and sentimental personal items, illustrating the beauty of our surroundings. Charming and created a genuine connection with us.

The fluidity of the lake reflects the eternal flow of existence, elegantly intertwined with the rhythms and ever-changing changes of life. the artist incorporated interior elements that harmonize with the landscape, deepening the narrative of interconnectedness and the passage of time. Drawing inspiration from his travels to Japan, he incorporates elements such as the unique stone paths, vibrant cherry blossom trees, and the tranquil mystery of Japanese gardens, incorporating their essence into his artwork. He also captures these remote landscapes' inherent tranquility and harmonious beauty, presenting them to the viewer in alluring brilliance.

Kwong Man-Chun - << Glowing in Serenity >>
Date: 23 May – 29 Jun 2024
Gallery: Contemporary by Angela Li
Address: G/F, 248 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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