Kurt Chan: Old Landscape: Lighting, Water and Rocks

Old Landscape: Lightning, Water and Rocks is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong local artist Kurt Chan, which is inspired by cosmology, "Old Landscapes - Lightning, Water and Rock" featuring the artist's dynamic new works, ranging from ink and mixed media paintings, 3D printing, metal and petrified wood sculptures, and video installations.

The artist applied his experience in the practice of Chinese calligraphy to unprimed canvas and his ink-on-paper techniques to mixed media. He repeats the process of layering and colorful graffiti, and the final works are full of gesture and rich textures, the extension of his strokes imitates a net that is an electrical network, caused it looks like intertwined tree branches and lightning bolts, symbolizing the ever-evolving universe.

In the new work, Chan explores the relationship between various elements of nature. He consider scientifically about the concept of "landscape" - rocks are minerals, water is the medium, and electricity is the tree, taking viewers on a multi-faceted journey into the universe through the lens of his paintings, sculptures and installations.

Kurt Chan - << Old Landscape: Lightning, Water and Rocks >>
Date: 15 Nov – 30 Dec 2023
Gallery: Galerie du Monde
Address: 108 Ruttonjee Centre, 11 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong

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