Kitty Ng & Lee Tae-Dong: The Record, the Double, and the Singular

The Record, the Double, and the Singular is a joint exhibition by the Hong Kong local artist Kitty Ng and the South Korean artist Lee Tae-dong, which sparks a dialogue between 2 contemporary artists who began painting with their personal photo archives as they see photographs as catalysts for the inherent singularity of the process of recall and distortion.

By obsessing over the images in the archives, they allow a certain fantasy to occupy them that is a fantasy from the present that deepens and alters the primordial memories associated with the photographs. Yielding to the centrifugal forces of speculation confounds their memory with their lives today. They reduce, add, modify, and ultimately alter the image, etching the irreducible nature of their unique responses onto the canvas.

Lee browsed through his family photos, uprooting them from the background, while opening the imagery and his practice to speculation. In the process, his memory is warped, merging the energy in Jeju Island's vivid landscape with his own. For Ng, her photos had to reinvent themselves through her paintings. Drawing from her college years, her images are made up of friendships and ties rooted in the intimacy of everyday life. Her subjects can be seen in dormitories, on the streets of Shanghai, in the comfort of their homes, in dormitories, and even on such mundane things as walking.

Kitty Ng & Lee Tae-dong - << The Record, the Double, and the Singular>>
Date: 22 Aug – 22 Oct 2023
Gallery: Woaw Gallery
Address: G/F, 5 Sun Street Wan Chai, Hong Kong
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