Julien Creuzet: Too Blue, Too Deep, Too Dark We Sank

Too Blue, Too Deep, Too Dark We Sank… is a solo exhibition by the Emerging Artist Prize at Frieze, French-Caribbean artist Julien Creuzet, which is a commissioned new installation.

The artist's multidisciplinary practice interweaves poetic, sensory, political, and social forms, and he places a dense installation in the gallery that includes music, video, poetry, and sculpture. His unique sculptural language often repurposes found materials - ropes, nets, wires, cords, bags, relics or debris washed ashore by the ocean or the relentless progress of history, as well as fragments, materials, and objects given to him by other artists, He regroups in his collection.

The installation will involve a new series of suspended and ground-level sculptures marked by the coat of arms on the flags of Caribbean nations that gained independence after centuries of colonial rule, representing the animal and plant forms that make up their subjects. He invites visitors to navigate an environment filled with words and symbols, colors and textures drawn from the heritage of different cultures, drawing the relationship between different elements through imagination.

As part of the exhibition, a new film is a self-portrait presented as a digital assemblage of smartphones, cigarettes, and other elements – alluding to the way the African diaspora connects and networks digitally and between literature, music, and art. The characters begin to dance in a traditional style that evolved in Martinique through the colonial, resistance, and liberation times.
# TooBlueTooDeepTooDarkWeSank

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