Jules de Balincourt: Birds on a Boat

Birds on a Boat is a solo exhibition of 12 recent paintings by the French-American artist Jules de Balincourt, which is the paintings in the exhibition span landscapes and human figures.

Presented in rich color on both large and small scales, these works reflect the artist's interest in using canvas to fuse his own psychological landscape with the external global landscape. In his practice, the relationship between humans and the natural world is often explored. The artist uses an intuitive, stream-of-consciousness approach to painting, and much of his work is filled with mystery and ambiguity.

Several of the works in this exhibition feature the artist's ephemeral nomadic figures in forbidding trees, churning coastlines and other natural environments, which he infuses with an otherworldly and dreamlike quality. Whether the diminutive figures are in these works are "out of leisure or out of desperation", it is not clear whether the diminutive figures found themselves in these settings. For the viewer, the wind, rain and other natural forces depicted in these paintings are visceral and deeply felt.

Other works feature nude male figures, these works depict torsos, arms, and blurred faces, blurring the line between abstract and figurative. The limbs and abdomen merge with their surroundings, and the artist positions his figures at the crossroads between full expression and abstraction. Like his landscape paintings, these works cannot be simply attributed or categorized.

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