Jonas Wood

Jonas Wood @jonasbrwood is a solo exhibition that showcases 10 new paintings, together with 2 sets of related drawings as well.

The concept of the exhibition originated from the artist's mid-career survey at the Dallas Museum of Art in 2019 when he re-encountered the Polka Dot Orchid in 2015, which was a plant he made with a black background. This work is hung together with other paintings of isolated plants in a room with repeated tennis balls. After that exhibition, during the lockdown in 2020, he continued to consider the idea of ​​making works on a black field and the opportunity to hang them together.

The new painting continues his exploration of fruits, flowers and indoor plant patterns. He depicted colorful orchids and succulents, a whole bunch of bananas, and a robust monstera. He used plants as a carrier to experiment with color and geometry, isolate various forms on a monochrome background, and explore color theory, patterns, and line.

Since arriving in Los Angeles in 2003, plants have been an important theme in his career. He originally came from the East Coast, and he was amazed by the various flora found in Southern California and the tropical plants in his paintings. Not only reflects the indoor plants in his home and studio, but also reflects the climate and cultural characteristics of the area. Therefore, the luxuriant growth that inspired these works is related to his immediate environment and the semi-autobiographical dynamics of his practice, also used still life paintings as an opportunity to explore abstract forms, and at the same time expanded the modernist impulse that merged art and life.

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