Japan’s Evolving Society

The group exhibition of Japan’s Evolving Society promotes connections between international communities. This commitment extends to providing an exciting platform for our visitors to explore, discover, and engage with our curated talent.

This transformative exhibition brings together 12 outstanding Japanese contemporary artists, including Yuichi Hirako, ‬Tatsuhito Horikoshi‭, ‬Ei Kaneko‭, ‬Takumi Kokubo,‬‭ ‬Akitsuna Komori‭, ‬Hiroya Kurata‭, ‬Tomona Matsukawa‭, ‬Ryo Matsuoka, ‬Minori Oga, ‬Hiro Sugiyama‭, ‬Ichi Tashiro‭ ‬and‭ ‬TIDE‭, whose work perfectly embodies the spirit of adaptation, resilience and creative expression.

It takes viewers on a journey of ongoing change in Japanese society, highlighting each artist's extraordinary ability to redefine contemporary Japan, transcending cultural boundaries while delving into universal human experiences. The artworks surround the viewer in an emotional and creative world, using bright colors and familiar objects to provoke questions that challenge preconceived notions and encourage deeper exploration of informed and learned perception.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations and our best wishes on the occasion of your @wkmukai grand opening. The success you are currently experiencing is a testament to your deserving efforts and merits.

Japan’s Evolving Society
Date: 24 Nov 2023 – 6 Jan 2024
Gallery: WKM Gallery
Address: 20/F, Coda Designer Building, 62 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

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