Jang Koal: Ghost Town

Ghost Town is a solo exhibition by the South Korean artist Jang Koal, which showcases the unique painting style and art world for which it is known and loved and uses ghosts to express the metaphor of companionship cleverly. The artist attempts to bridge the gap between the audience, the work, and the artist herself.

In this exhibition, ghosts are not the scary or strange entities we often think of, but live with us, enlivening our daily lives and healing us. Through the image of a woman with long flowing hair, she shares a fragment of her life. The woman in the work exists in the artist's parallel world. Surreal, mysterious, and sometimes ambiguous expressions unfold in her parallel world, where free fantasy and imagination occur. These release the artist into a space where the rules and conditions are different from reality, creating a fascinating tension with the lives of the women in her works.

In a world where layers of Hanji (traditional Korean paper), women enjoy the most relaxing and precious moments. A fluttering red heart shared with a pair of birds heralds the arrival of spring against a backdrop of beautiful yellow flowers; an oyster artwork hangs on the wall behind a woman, who relaxes with her arms stretched behind her back, there are hands clasped behind the head; a cup of green tea filling the room with its aroma and color; a ghostly figure that seems to be someone's representative or a mischievous figure; and a sleeveless T-shirt with a cat with its mouth closed, which makes it appear neat and capable. These fun and playful elements make moments in the artwork even more special. The contrast between intricate patterns and stark monochromatic distinctions makes the viewer feel comfortable yet unfamiliar, focusing the viewer's attention on the composition.

Jang Koal - << Ghost Town >>
Date: 16 May – 18 Jun 2024
Gallery: Tang Contemporary Art
Address: 10/F, H Queen's, 80 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

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