Gaybird: 0 x Anything = 0

0 x anything = 0 is the multiplication property of zero: regardless of what the other number is, multiplying by zero always results in an answer of zero, that is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong musician and multi-disciplinary artist Gaybird, which attempts to respond to the certainty in our contemporary life, expressing doubts about whether common sense is correct. Still very common. Are we adding a question mark to the equation to question the laws of truth? Or is this just a reflection of the present? How do we deal with a chaotic world when the beliefs we once had are no longer taking hold?

From Chaos Theory, "chaos" appears to be disordered, even random. However, looking at every detail of it from different angles and distances, you may discover the mysterious and fascinating relationship between randomness and mathematics.

In the exhibition, three groups of works present this idea through different media, revealing the beauty of "chaos". The exhibition space is filled with rhythm, graphics, and "chaotic" patterns. Each "chaos" is made up of countless tiny repeating units, like the concept of minimalist music, a state that evolves through the repetition of different pulses at different times. Some even interact non-linearly, producing unpredictable effects. It is not just a reflection of our present moment, but a state of finding a way out of the darkness through traces of rhythm and pattern.
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