Dunhuang Enchanting Tales for Millennium

Dunhuang Enchanting Tales for Millennium is an exhibition that combines the perspectives of history, art, and technology, and highlights the wonders of Dunhuang through murals, handicrafts, the reproduction of silk paintings, and the reproduction of caves. It will lead visitors into a visual feast to experience the ancient aspirations of the Buddhist community in Dunhuang for spirituality, harmony, and humanity, which still resonate today despite the distance from the distant past.

The Dunhuang Caves are known as the largest surviving treasure house of Buddhist art relics in the world. The magnificent treasures of the Dunhuang Caves, the frescoes and sculptures complement each other, conveying the many wishes of the ancestors, allowing the world to have a glimpse of the daily life of ancient China. As a trilogy, the third encounter with Dunhuang will take audiences to the next level, exploring the Dunhuang Caves and their unique beauty and mystery like never before.

Thanks for the invitation. This is one of the best exhibitions I have ever seen in 2022.

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