Double Vision

Double Vision (雙同) is an exhibition toying with doubles, which explore the concepts of déjà vu and parallax, considering that seemingly superficial differences may reveal more than expected. While some works are continuous or thematically repetitive, with subtle slips and shifts, the work of some of the other artists in the exhibition points to memory and the blurred everyday boundaries between reality, perception and fiction. Aiming to define a unique experience of space and time, the exhibition prompts reflection on the contemporary production of sensory awareness and reality.

Revolving around concepts of déjà vu, twins, and other forms of duality, the exhibition consciously avoids dealing with the relationship between "Original" and "Replicated". Instead, the exhibition creates a feeling, a sensibility, that one might "go through the same situation twice". Through a curatorial intervention of structural and spatial repetition, the layout is repeated on each of the two floors of the exhibition space, with most of the artist's works repeated in the same locations on both floors. Thus, doubling creates déjà vu in its most literal form.

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