Doris Guo: Back

Back is a solo exhibition by the Oslo-based artist Doris Guo, whose practices exist in the interstices between embodied duration and affective labor, surrounding the cultural and material gestures that constitute our attempts to form public life.

Centered around the Material Care Collaborative Project, the artist, and her mother, Wang Wei-Li work to organize and preserve the latter's artwork. The works are presented in the form of diptychs alongside the artist’s pinhole photographs depicting the suburban interior of Wang’s study, filled with cardboard boxes, folders, and other marginalia. The photographs transform domestic inertia into serendipitous landscapes in crowded, seemingly improvised compositions, sitting somewhere between comfort and claustrophobia, their thin surfaces and indeterminate forms not only simulate the atmosphere of memory but also express the unconscious abstractions by which we move through the world.

Using the formal grammar of the diptych not only creates novel juxtapositions between works from completely different means and eras but more importantly, creates a space full of potential between the individual components of each pair. These works truly exist in the elision between one frame and the next in the imaginative leaps required to reconcile the emotional, ideological, and spatiotemporal differences between one concrete lifeworld and another. Beneath the authenticity lies the fundamental difference embodied in any two lives given aesthetic form, even one as intimate as that of mother and daughter.
We were fortunate to have someone like you who was so knowledgeable to show us around in the exhibition. Thank you so much for accompanying us throughout the experience.

Doris Guo - << Back >>
Date: 8 Dec 2023 – 17 Feb 2024
Gallery: Empty Gallery
Address: 19/F, Grand Marine Center, 3 Yue Fung St, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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