cucurrucucu: Work on Paper

Work on Paper is a solo exhibition by the local Hong Kong artist cucurrucucu, which explores the possibilities for these public encounters that have historically been denied in the apathy, neutral spaces in which artworks are displayed and housed.

To address this inherent disconnect between the public and art, whether it has to do with the institutions through which the public leaves its imprint on artworks or the accessibility of art spaces, its works on paper are pieces that artists and gallery staff will facilitate ongoing workshops throughout the show. Therefore set up as a workspace to work on paper, find images, create compositions, and inspire multiple perspectives, even in fleeting moments overlapping and intersecting each other.

In the art world, "works on paper" are often considered to be of secondary value. They are often unfinished works, drafts, sketches, and studies that can reveal the inner workings of the artist but are rarely considered masterpieces of the artist's work. They are considered representative works of documents that reveal the artistic process. But what if the artist's entire oeuvre only produces works on paper like this? What if the purpose of the practice was to conduct a series of thought experiments that exploited the spectacle of print culture, the sacred imprint that infinite reproduction leaves on the viewer?

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Date: 26 Oct – 9 Dec 2023
Gallery: Square Street Gallery
Address: 21 Square Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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