Cristina BanBan

The New York-based artist Cristina BanBan first solo exhibition in Paris, through her paintings showcasing the visual murmurs and echoes of her own geographic journey. Elements associated with European modernist imagery are fused with gestural abstractions more often associated with the postwar American avant-garde. This exhibition showcases Banban's rich painting practice, a rapid expressive experiment that defines the form that emerges and exits the canvas in the atmosphere of rapid brushstrokes. Here, negative space is created by overlapping lines and gestures, leaving new forms. Describing her process as "attacking the canvas," her figures have tensional energy that resists the boundaries of the frame.

In this new work, the artist liberates forms and layers them through loose brushstrokes. Optionally, colors are installed in areas, rendering and literally fleshing out things. This approach preserves the immediacy of paintings, enveloping them with the luxury provided by her oil-based paints. Contrasted with the dripping and slashing of the tense black lines, these dense colours suggest a speed, reminiscent of artists past and present – Willem de Kooning and Cecily Brown. However, her skirt is always closer to a human figure than an amorphous lump, which is a clear outline.

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