Chris Regner: Careers in the Arts

Careers in the Arts is a solo exhibition by the American artist Chris Regner, which features a series of self-deprecating paintings and delves into personal and universal human experiences through the lens of the artist's self-identity and the struggles and loneliness he encounters in the contemporary art world.

Every painting, even every work of art, is a portrait of the self-portrait maker, once recognize this it takes a small step toward a more obvious traditional form of self-portrait. The artist took this step and focused on creating a series of self-deprecating works. He's somewhat continuing his 2021 solo exhibition on the struggle with masculinity in the absence of good role models, and now he's talking about himself as an artist.

The subjects are given a polished, balloon-like plastic finish as a comment on the superficial way we present ourselves to the world. Interestingly, although the subject is very close to the artist's heart, the tools he chose to execute the work mean there is no trace of his on the work.

Lonesomly creating work in this era, motivated and debilitated by contemporary realities and the personal and universal human condition that examines the challenges and sacrifices that come with choosing a career in the arts.

Chris Regner - << Careers in the Arts >>
Date: 21 Feb – 20 Mar 2024
Gallery: Woaw Gallery
Address: G07, The Galleria, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

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