Chen Ying-jie: The Dust of a Long Journey

The Dust of a Long Journey is a solo exhibition by the Mainland Chinese artist Chen Ying-jie, which comprehensively displays the artist's creative context and development in recent years, especially the philosophical thoughts and new painting attempts revealed by the "Gravity" and "Shangri-La" series.

During the pandemic, the artist ponders the dialectical relationship between man and nature, ecology and civilization, self and others. He attempts to explore the eternal tension between artist and art through motion paintings that blend abstract and figurative elements, rediscovering the place of individual spirit and regional culture in the ever-changing world.

The exhibition features more than 20 works including the series of "Gravity", "Reconstructing Universe" and "Breaking", as well as video materials of the artist, which not only continues his long-standing publicity and enthusiasm for creation, also hints at his lesser-known quality of delicacy and introspection. Also, presents the restrained yet free exploration of his current creations, as well as the rich contradictions, harmony, and "synchronization" in his paintings.
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