Bruce Nauman

The solo exhibition of the US-born artist Bruce Nauman re-explores the artist's consistent use of fundamental elements, from his early neon works to his more recent "Contrapposto" series, as well as large-scale sculptures and sound installations created over sixty years.

The exhibition highlights a series of recent video installations that the artist has developed over the past few years, related to the 1968 single-channel video "Walk with Contrapposto", in which the viewer sees the artist walking down a narrow wooden corridor. A context is established to facilitate an intuitive understanding of the logic of his work and the underlying themes of the work: sound, performance, and artist's studio, that invites the viewer to engage in an immersive experience through the senses, body, and mind, which is an essential process for fully understanding his artistic research.

This kind of exchange highlights 3 key aspects of his work: his relationship with the studio, his use of the body performatively in his art, and his exploration of sound. Considers the body as an important material and his actions in the surrounding space as art. In several of his works, the viewer can see the consistency of certain ideas and undertakings even as his body changed over time, and how he took advantage of the latest technological advances to revisit earlier works.

This exhibition is thoroughly awe-inspiring, surpassing any previous encounters we have had. We are so thankful for granting us the opportunity to partake in this exceptional tour.

Bruce Nauman
Date: 15 May – 18 Aug 2024
Venue: Tai Kwun HK
Address: 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

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